The benefit of using our production service for your international projects is the proximity of 2 capitals: Bratislava and Vienna are twin cities, only 50 minutes drive apart, sharing the same international airport. As a result we can offer locations in Austria, Slovakia and also Czech Republic for Slovak prices, which is quite attractive.

We will come up with a custom made offer, including the specialists your project needs. The quality gate we offer with Marieli’s judgement of each project with her artistic eye and experience as an award winning director distinguishes our production for excellent quality. All productions can rely on the best professional support from our executive producer Rasto Kuril as well as superbly trained staff and technical resources. Depending to the projects we work with local departments or ask book them from Vienna, Prague or Berlin. Our stylish and lovely edit suite in our central Vienna office set in gardens and excellent little restaurants nearby will offer you a wonderful and quiet stay to finish your film.

We will treat your project with all the passion and care it deserves and will be happy to host you in these 2 diverse and beautiful cities. Camera and light departments in Bratislava and Vienna are excellent and used to big international films and projects. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions, we will provide you with all the information you need, including locations and teams. Send us your storyboard/treatment or email us to recieve our location booklets with examples of the 2 countries.

As a reference, we have had the pleasure to participate and provide services for production houses from Russia (Park production), Germany (Soup film, 539090, Laterna magica, Gehrisch + Krack Filmproduktion, Bubble Berlin), Italy (Filmmaster, Movie Magic Milano), United Kingdom (RSA), Lebanon (Filmpudding) and many, many more.