CrèMe frAiChE was founded in 2011 by producer Rasto Kuril & director Marieli Fröhlich. We love making films and will be happy to treat your project with the attention and care it deserves by offering a real custom - made service production concept and provide you with excellent services for your nice project. Marieli will offer you all her experience and creativity she is known for, Rasto will come up with the best service production solutions for making your project an excellent film. Our goal is to walk off the beaten tracks and maintain a distinctive style of the highest quality.

Marieli Fröhlich

Marieli Fröhlich ́s talent was honed from childhood. She stems from a bohemian family of Austrian artists, filmmakers, writers and musicians and was immersed in the arts at a very early age. Having attended the Lycée Francais, she moved to France and became an actress in Claude Chabrol ́s movie "Fantomas". Later she moved to New York where she experimented with performance, wrote poetry and produced her first photo diaries. Upon her return to Europe, she started her career in commercial film directing.

Rasto Kuril

Rasto was born in Bratislava in 1981. Living in a city that became a gate to Western Europe in 1989, he got influenced by cultural variety and constant changes. At an early age he developed a passionate love for films and media and as a result he produced over 100 films for different productions in the past years. At the same time he finished his master of arts and business. Rasto has become a proud partner of Marieli by the end of 2011, together they founded the production company Crème fraiche.