Marieli's Work

Marieli Fröhlich's talent was honed from childhood. She stems from a bohemian family of Austrian artists, filmmakers, writers and musicians and was immersed in the arts at a very early age.

Having attended the Lycée Francais, she moved to France and became an actress in Claude Chabrol ́s movie "Fantomas". Later she moved to New York where she experimented with performance, wrote poetry and produced her first photo diaries. Upon her return to Europe, she started her career in commercial film directing. Marieli's work is both visceral and beautiful. Constantly innovative she gives unfamiliar twists to familiar imagery. Her sumptuous cinematography, distinctive casting and bold art direction set her apart as a sexy, vivid and exciting film director. Her films won several Art Directors Club Awards, others were shortlisted at Cannes, Clio, New York, London, Montreux, Hollywood. She won several Effies, the Cannes National Award and a Mobius Award. Marieli speaks German, English, French and Italian and worked on over 100 films for clients such as HAAGEN DAZS, MAGNUM, MANNER, MULLER, LIPTON, C&A, AUDI and TOYOTA.