Marieli Fröhlich

for El Corte Ingles

El Corte Ingles Winter collection is taking you back to  clubbing of the early eighties, also known as the noughties! Shooting this teaser for the "VOGUE fashion night out with EL CORTE INGLES" in Madrid was great fun. 


Marieli Fröhlich

for MAM

Our director Marieli Froehlich was busy lately, taming babes! MAM the leading designer brand in baby care, asked her to shoot their mother's day campaign.


Marieli Fröhlich

enjoy the summer


Platin Effie award

for Manner


Hurrah, our acclaimed Manner film has just added another prize to our collection: a platin effie.


Service project

for BISOLVON / Laterna Magica


Have a look at our latest film we serviced  for Laterna Magica Frankfurt: nasty cough monsters that did'nt reckon with mum and some boys kicking like beckham...

PRODUCTION: Laterna Magica / Boris Julkowski
DIRECTOR: Marieli Frohlich


Marieli Fröhlich

for Dada

Ladies and Gentlemen, the dada band says hello! Our director Marieli Fröhlich travelled to Warsaw and got some diaper boodies  shaking!  She shot this film for brasilian agency DUDA for the polish market!

PRODUCTION: Oto film Warsaw
DIRECTOR: Marieli Fröhlich
CD: Allessandro Beda 
WRITER: Anna Janiska
PRODUCER: Piotr Blaszczyk

Silver Venus award

for Manner


Last Friday our Manner  film " Mannerfakteur" won a Silver Venus at the CCA (Creative Club Austria) A very warm thank you! To our Director Marieli Fröhlich and the team that helped her to create this lovely film, to Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann for the great opportunity and support and last but not least to MANNER  for producing Neapolitanerschnitten for more than 100 years!


A good year 2013

with Crème fraiche

Crème fraiche says thank you and wishes you for 2013 a wonderful year filled with luck, love & full protection!

Möbelix Austria

„Die Kost Fast Nix Show“

In Oktober CrèMe frAiChE shot 4 quite amusing little films with former Austrian soccer star Toni Polster for „ Die Kost Fast Nix Show“. Touring Austrian households, Toni Polster encountered not only a desperate housewife who wanted to inaugurate her newly won sofa with him, but also a stoical sadomasochist and further more a little man assuring him to be his biggest fan...have fun!

AGENCY: Demner, Merlicek &Bergmann
DIRECTOR: Niki Sauer


XXX Lutz/ Sweden

with Niki Sauer

Our latest Production for XXX Lutz/ Sweden was directed by NIKI SAUER who had a fling with sexy dancers, trombonists in uniform and a nice young Swedish lady that just wanted to buy a sofa but ended up in the big XXX Lutz „More Is More Möbelstore“ celebration...

AGENCY: Demner, Merlicek &Bergmann
DIRECTOR: Niki Sauer


Möbelix Slovakia

A biking bear

This September some Slovak television viewers might have thought about John Irving’s novel „The World According to Garp“ in which a bear rides a bicycle, when they watched the new Möbelix commercial CrèMe frAiChE shot in Bratislava, but the young couple starring in our film obviously had something completely different in their mind...

AGENCY: Demner, Merlicek &Bergmann
DIRECTOR: Niki Sauer


Service Project

for RAUCH / Laterna Magica

In August and September CrèMe frAiChE prepared a demanding 7 days shoot service production for Laterna Magica / Germany to be shot in Slovakia's beautiful and lush mountain pastures. London based Pete Salmi directed several commercials for the new Rauch campaign adding his witty and charming ideas to the scripts he is known for.

PRODUCTION: Laterna Magica / Carsten Boehlefeld
DIRECTOR: Pete Salmi
AGENCY: Wensauer & Partner


Service Project

for VOLVIC / Gehrisch und Krack

In May we serviced German production Gehrisch und Krack for VOLVIC, shooting in a nice green public park in Bratislava.

PRODUCTION: Gehrisch und Krack / Jan Bauer
DIRECTOR: Navid Abri
AGENCY: Y&R Germany


Marieli Fröhlich

for Katara Valley

Check out the new films for Katara Valley that Marieli Fröhlich shot in the Desert of Katar for the Cultural Village of Doha: Yves Klein meets Andy Warhol’s muse Edi Sedgwick, a stricking performance of body painting is the result of this encounter...meanwhile in the second film a writer blows his inspirations into the wind...

PRODUCTION: Filmservice Prague
DIRECTOR: Marieli Fröhlich
CLIENT: Katara Foundation


Theater im Wal

with Marieli Fröhlich

These days agency Demner, Merlicek & Bergman invited CrèMe frAiChE to shoot a film for the "Theater Im Wal", a small theater in Vienna. A man in a boat, whale watching with his binoculars, is discovering a miraculous world in the "Theater In The Whale"....Director Marieli Fröhlich has already dived into the process of creating an intriguing world for this beautiful project...


Servis Project

for CHUDO / Park production

In June CrèMe frAiChE serviced a 3 day production for Park Film/Moscow. Paris based director Stephaan Viaene created unusual and mouthwatering shots, the result was an artistic and appetizing film for Chudo curd,

PRODUCTION: Park Production Moscow / Natalia Gorbenko
DIRECTOR: Stef Viaene
AGENCY: Wimm-Bill-Dann



Great new directors

signed with Crème Fraiche

We are proud to present our new, highly acclaimed international directors that joined our little production house! Spanish directors Fernando Garcia Ruiz & Hugo Menduina joined us aswell as Ladybird & Wilfrid Buch from Paris. From Denmark our little Family will be enriched by Michael Toft and Peter Harton. We are very certain that you will hear from them soon!


Service Project

for VITASNELLA / Film Master

In April we serviced Filmmaster Milan for a project that Marieli Fröhlich directed for Vitasnella biscuits. Inspired by a hollywood screwball comedy it was fairly entertaining to watch two pin up girls fighting with arrows and cup cakes...

PRODUCTION: Filmmaster Milan / Nicole Lord   
DIRECTOR: Marieli Fröhlich
AGENCY: EuroRSCG / Havas Worldwide


Marieli Fröhlich

nominated for Cresta Award

Marieli Fröhlich’s intriguing black and white film with GNTModel Sara Nuru for C&A underwear was shortlisted for the CRESTA AWARD in New York! Marieli created a stunning silent movie, carving out gifted Sara Nuru's acting skills and comic talent as a Josephine Baker inspired 1920ties beauty.

DIRECTOR: Marieli Fröhlich 
PRODUCTION: Embassy Of Dreams Munich 
AGENCY: Steinle/Melches Düsseldorf 



with Marieli Fröhlich

In December 2011 we proudly started to work on our first project for the new campaign „Manner Neapolitaner Schnitten“, one of the most traditional Viennese sweets, the factory was founded in 1898. The team of Jacky Merlicek (Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann Vienna) asked director Marieli Fröhlich to create a film with her distinctive handwriting for one of their most prestigous campaigns. We had a great international team on board and it was a beautiful and imbuing process to combine all the different elements that came from artdirection, grafics, paintings and our actors and dancers to finally create the collage that director Marieli Fröhlich had in mind to give this film the unique and charming look. The „Mannerfacteur“ is asking himself always the same question: „What are people loving about Manner wafers so much?“...Check it out yourself!

PRODUCTION: CrèMe frAiChE / Rasto Kuril
DIRECTOR: Marieli Fröhlich
AGENCY: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann


Newly born!

Marieli Fröhlich & Rasto Kuril decided to establish CrèMe frAiChE and the next week Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann called in for our first project!!